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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Attorney who stood up for his rights is illegally arrested at a DUI checkpoint

Florida Attorney Warren Redlich was illegally arrested at a DUI checkpoint for exercising his rights!

He even made a "Fair DUI" flyer that explains to police he wants a lawyer and won't be answering ANY questions:

But when Florida sheriffs heard about his flyer, they threatened to arrest him, if he used it in their jurisdictions!

"I challenge him…to please come to Lee County and drive around,” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said. “Eventually he’ll find one of our checkpoints and he’ll try his luck. He’ll go to jail.”

Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said try it in Pinellas and you’ll be arrested.

“It’s about doing the right thing and we are trying to do the right thing to protect the public and keep drunks who kill people off the road,” Gualtieri said.

“The deputy can’t assess the person. And, if you can’t assess them, you are obstructing the investigation,” Gualtieri said.

“Just because you dangle in a bag with your drivers license, insurance card and registration out the window doesn’t mean you’re not drunk.”

DHS/Police use checkpoints as an end run around the Constitution:

"It's sort of an end run around the Constitution," New Jersey DUI attorney Evan Levow said of checkpoints. "It's like a Checkpoint Charlie."

Last month an entire family was arrested and their child was taken by CPS, for refusing unlawful search at checkpoint:

In 2014 Americans were outraged by illegal police DNA checkpoints.

In 2013 police used fake drug checkpoints to illegaly detain and question citizens.

Judge Napolitano informed Americans everywhere you're under no obligation to talk to police.

On "Happening Now" today, Judge Andrew Napolitano comments about the DUI flyer:

He said drivers are "theoretically" only obligated to show police their license, registration and insurance information, not say anything to the officer.

Napolitano pointed out that many states have now developed other ways to identify drunk drivers without stopping every car on the road.

He said Redlich's flyer came about because people usually end up putting their "foot in their mouth" during encounters with police.

"They tell the cops too much. They give the police an opening. Remaining silent does not give them an opening," said Napolitano, adding that it's an easier for an attorney to defend someone who hasn't said anything to police.

Back to Redlich...

Redlich was un-arrested about three hours after he was cuffed and issued a citation instead of getting charged with a crime.

Redlich's website had this to say about DUI checkpoints in Florida:

"One key feature of my approach is that you do not roll down your window. Florida law requires you to “exhibit” (or show) your license to police. It does not require you to hand it over. I recommend people keep the window closed and press the license up against the window. Some prosecutors and police legal advisors decided to fudge that law (§322.15 of the Florida Statutes) and claim that you are required to hand it over. The Coral Gables legal advisor, attorney Israel Reyes, went further and recommended that anyone who refuses to physically hand over their license be arrested for a misdemeanor – resisting without violence."

Remember this ONLY applies in Florida, in many states you are REQUIRED to roll your window down partially and you MUST hand a cop your license & registration. In EVERY state you are not required to answer a cops questions otherwise known as a 'theshhold inquiry'. Click here & here to read about threshold inquiries.

You can invoke your right to silence by saying, "I refuse to answer any questions" or "I want to speak to a lawyer" or "I wish to remain silent." If you do not clearly invoke your right to silence with such a statement, you may subject yourself to continued questioning by police.

Can you refuse to answer police questions?

Attorney Brett Snider offers this advice:

You can almost always refuse to answer police questions, but depending on the circumstances it may produce somewhat different legal results.

Here is a general breakdown of your legal options when questioned by the police in three common scenarios:

If You're Stopped On the Street

The right to remain silent isn't required to be read or spoken to you until you are in police custody and are being questioned.

In Terry v. Ohio, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that police could make brief investigatory stops without probable cause and without violating the Fourth Amendment, assuming they have specific and articulable facts to justify the stop.

When stopped by the police on the street, you can always refuse to answer any of their questions, and you may ask if you are being detained. If officers respond that you are not being detained, you may stop conversation altogether and leave.

If You're Asked to Come In for Questioning

You need to be in police "custody" in order for an officer to give you a Miranda warning, and consenting to come in for questioning technically does not count as custody.

So if you volunteer to walk into a police station without being under arrest, and choose to answer police questions, you do not need to be read your Miranda rights, the Supreme Court has held.

You can, however, ignore or refuse a request to come in for questioning -- but police may then choose to arrest you.

If You're Arrested

Once you have been arrested, you are certainly in police custody. As you know from your Miranda rights, you can invoke your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

Although you can't exactly walk away from police if you're under arrest, it is often in your best interest to not speak with them at all, as even idle conversation can lead to legally permissive evidence against yourself.

However, police may continue to question you until you clearly and unambiguously tell (as opposed to ask) the police that you want to speak to your criminal defense attorney.

For more information about checkpoints read:
Police state America 2015: Forced blood draws, DNA collection and biometric scans.
Roadside marijuana breathalyzers coming to a police department near you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DHS investors are sending police to train in Israel

image credit: redicecrestions

At least 300 high-ranking sheriffs and police from agencies large and small – from New York and Maine to Orange County and Oakland, California – have traveled to Israel for privately funded seminars in what is described as counterterrorism techniques.

Former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer called Israel “the Harvard of antiterrorism” after taking part in a 2005 trip sponsored by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Capt. Brad Virgoe of the Orange County Sheriff's Department in California called the 2013 session he took part in an “amazing experience,” recalling visits to checkpoints in Eilat at the Israeli-Egyptian border and in the West Bank near Bethlehem.

Don't forget what happened in Ferguson! The Ferguson police chief was trained in Israel!

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) also sends police to Israel and hosts Israeli police in America.

Chief Superintendent Roy Valdman, Head of the Investigations Division for the Israel Police Central Unit in Tel Aviv, visited Denver, Colorado in 2015.

"Valdman presented briefings on the dual role of the Israel Police in conducting classical police work and countering terror. He conducted briefings with multiple agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Colorado Bureau of Investigation, Colorado State Patrol, Denver Police Department and Aurora Police Department.  More than 100 law enforcement officers participated in the briefings."

The ADL has close ties to DHS, click here, here & here to read more.

Police training in Israel has been going on since 2001:

Established after September 11, 2001, JINSA's Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP) program sends local, state, and federal law enforcement executives to Israel.

"According to JINSA Director of Communications James Cetrone, the program enjoys strong support from the Israeli Police Department, all the way up to the Commissioner, who has been known to remark that Israelis don't want Americans to pay with blood like the Israelis have. Mr. Cetrone said that at all levels of the Israeli police department staff and officers are incredibly gracious and willing to share their counter and anti-terrorism expertise with the visiting Americans."

In 2002, Los Angeles Police Department detective Ralph Morten visited Israel to recieve training and advice on preparing security arrangements for large public gatherings.  From lessons learned on his trip, Det. Morten prepared a new Homicide Bomber Prevention Protocol and was better able to secure the Academy Awards presentation.
In January 2003, thirty-three senior U.S. law enforcement officials - from Washington, Chicago, Kansas City, Boston and Philadelphia - traveled to Israel to attend a meeting on "Law Enforcement in the Era of Global Terror." 
“We went to the country that's been dealing with the issue for 30 years,” Boston Police Commissioner Paul F. Evans said. “The police are the front line in the battle against terrorism. We were there to learn from them - their response, their efforts to deter it. They touched all the bases.”
“I think it's invaluable,” said Washington, DC Police Chief Charles Ramsey about the instruction he received in Israel. “They have so much more experience in dealing with this than we do in the United States.”

In September 2012, the New York Police Department (NYPD) opened an Israeli branch at the Sharon District Police Headquarters in the Israeli coastal city of Kfar Saba. The NYPD decision to open an Israeli branch rested on the fact that the Israeli police is one of the major police forces with which it must maintain close work relations and daily contact.
In September 2013, a special team of bomb squad members from cities along the U.S.-Mexico border travelled to Israel in an effort to improve techniques and tactics for dealing with illegal immigration and IED attacks. Sgt. Chris Rogers represented the Pima (Arizona) Regional Bomb Squad - "We engaged the Department of Defense and the technical support group to sponsor the trip. So we could get first hand training and experience from the Israelis who have been dealing with cross border IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) for some time now."
Some of the training for the group included going to a West Bank military outpost with the Israeli National Police bomb squad and visiting an Israeli port of entry to learn about port inspections as they relate to counter explosives and counter IED operations.
Who's behind sending police to Israel, could it be the CIA?
As mentioned earlier JINSA is sending police to Israel. They have 17,000 members nationwide and are ”governed by a board of directors comprised of key figures in the national security community and leadership throughout the country,” according to its website. 
Former CIA Director James Woolsey was a board member of JINSA. Woolsey is Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton.

Woolsey is also a principal in the Paladin Capital Group’s Homeland Security Fund. The Paladin Capital Group’s Homeland Security Fund is a $235 million fund which profits from investments in the U.S. “homeland security” growth industry.

What should come as a surprise to no one, Booz Allen Hamilton has close ties to DHS, click here, here, here & here to read more.

Thad Allen on reimagining homeland security:
JINSA has such close ties to the CIA could they be behind sending police to Israel?

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) also sends police to train in Israel and call it Project Interchange. The AJC has close ties to DHS, click here, here & here to read more.
Why would so many companies want to send America's police to train in Israel?  It's all about who can profit the most off of DHS grants and business ventures.
Jewish groups grab huge share of DHS grants:
"In 2012 Jewish institutions throughout the United States will receive $9.7 million in federal anti-terrorism grants this year out of a total of $10 million allocated to not-for-profit institutions by Homeland Security."

"A full 97% of the available funds in the Non-Profit Security Grant Program for 2012 have been allocated to Jewish organizations, compared with 73% that went to Jewish groups from 2007 through 2010. In 2011, Jewish groups received about 80% of NSGP funds."

How an anti-terror program became a Jewish earmark:

“The grants have been of tremendous value to this community. It is really unprecedented,” said Paul Goldenberg, national director of Secure Community Network, a Jewish organization established in 2005 to address potential communal security threats.

 "A Forward analysis of the 995 grants distributed through the national program from 2007 to 2010 found that 734, or 73.7%, went to Jewish organizations. DHS announced its grants for 2011 in late August, and here, too, Jewish groups were the big winners, with 81% of those awards."

"While it is possible that much of the venture capitalist's attraction to homeland security technologies may be motivated by patriotism, most look at the 1,000 percent-plus appreciation in the stock price of explosives detection technology provider InVision Technologies, Inc. of Fremont, Calif., as sufficient justification for their interest in the subject. 

The ADL also expressed “both constitutional and policy concerns,” according to spokesman Todd Gutnick. “There will always be far more communal institutions that want or need security enhancements than government funds available,” the ADL said. “This inevitably leads to divisive intra-communal competition for these scarce resources, and a politicization of the grant-making process.”

Venture capitalists are turning huge profits:

The Paladin Capital Group also has close ties to DHS, click here, here, here to read more.
Below are a few excerpts from Homeland Security Today.US it's a who's, who of corporations turning huge profits off of Homeland Security.
"InVision's success, combined with a potential customer the Department of Homeland Security with a $110 billion budget, has motivated a significant number of venture firms to develop an investment focus in this area. In the relatively narrow area of knowledge-management software alone, industry research experts INPUT estimate that federal government spending on knowledge-management software and services will increase at a compound yearly growth rate of 9 percent to $1.3 billion in fiscal 2008 from $820 million this fiscal year."

"Venture capitalists from Osprey Ventures, California Technology Ventures, Sky Venture Capital, and Kline Hawkes & Co. participated in a conference call organized by the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) on the topic of venture investing in companies focused on homeland security. Last month, in Washington, D.C., a workshop organized by the International Business Forum on "Venture Capital Investing in Homeland Security Technologies" packed a Capitol-area hotel ballroom with dozens of VCs from Silicon Valley to New York City.'

"The cybersecurity market is hot and growing fast, with projected growth from $71 billion in 2014 to more than $155 billion by 2019. Along with that, there's a consistent stream of mergers, acquisitions and venture capitalist investments activity."
The Aspen Institute has created a "Homeland Security Program" designed to help corporations profit off of Homeland Security.

"In partnership with the Officer of the Director of National Intelligence; Stanford University; and a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Levensohn Venture Partners, the program convened Silicon Valley centure capitalists and key Washington decision makers in the homeland security and intelligence communities at Stanford in October, 2009 to discuss how the venture capital industry can play a greater role in founding and funding homeland security-related technologies. A follow-up discussion took place in October, 2010 in Cambridge, MA for Boston-area venture capitalists. The Homeland Security Program is planning additional discussions in other venture capital hubs around the country."

Bessemer Venture Partners is a multi-national $4 billion venture capital firm that profits off of Homeland Security. Click here, here & here to read more.

Angel company has created a "Homeland Security Angel Investors" website listing 82 venture capital investor companies and 953 investors from all over the world, who are profiting off of Homeland Security!

There's even a website called: "Venture Capital Investing and Funding in Homeland Security & Defense Technologies."

"The Homeland Security Advisory Council Members" list is another who's, who of corporate profiteers.

A great read titled "Cybersecurity's Money Men" reveals who's profiting off of Homeland Security investments.

For more about LEEP read "Lessons in Counter Terrorism through LEEP" and "Transforming the U.S. into Clone of Israeli National Security State".

Monday, August 31, 2015

(Updated) Police State America is giving EMS crews, tanks, Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests

image credit: Times Gazette

Soon EMS & firefighters everywhere will respond to a fire or accident wearing Kevlar helmets and ballistic vests!

'They' (DHS) claim having such gear available will help medical personnel get inside a shooting scene quicker to treat the wounded.

What's really scary is EMS & firefighters are conducting joint training sessions with police.

In June of this year I warned everyone how DHS has begun training EMS and firefighters for urban warfare in America:

DHS's new "First Responder Guide For Improving Survivability In IED or Active Shooter Incidents"
describes in great detail how firefighters and EMS personnel are being trained by DHS to work alongside law enforcement.

In it's "First Responder Guide" DHS claims active shooter incidents and IED's in America are increasing.

A collaborative group of public safety organizationsincluding fire, law enforcement, pre-hospital care, trauma care, and the militaryconvened in Hartford, Connecticut, in the spring of 2013 to develop consensus regarding strategies to increase survivability in mass-casualty shootings commonly referred as the Hartford Consensus.

New Hampshire is conducting its first joint training session with police and emergency medical services crews involving handling an active shooting scene and treating victims quicker.

“It goes over law enforcement tactics and the response to a shooter, as well as a new concept that is a best practice of what we call warm zone EMS, which is law enforcement securing the area in a building and allowing EMS to get into a building to treat patients quicker than waiting to search the whole building and deem the whole thing clear,” said Emily Martuscello, an exercise training officer with New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

How long before EMS/firefighters arrive at a vehicle accident or a fire in a tank wearing guns, Tasers and mace? It's already happening...

Updated 9/2/2015:

Chief Tim Holman of the German Township Fire Dept in Clark County, Ohio, is considering the merits of allowing concealed carry for ambulance crews. Chief Holman addressed the issue at last year's EMS World Expo in a presentation entitled, "Is It Time We Arm Our EMTs?" (please read the comments in the article)

Should Paramedics Carry Guns Deep In The Heart Of Texas?

Fire department may give firefighters, EMTs guns in face of rising violence.

Ohio Medics Carrying Guns for Personal Protection:

"For about a year, the Bethel Township Fire and EMS Department has allowed first responders to carry concealed weapons on emergency calls as a way to protect themselves in an area where having law enforcement respond to calls in a timely manner when needed can be a challenge due to reduced staffing."

"The idea to let first responders carry weapons was hatched after budget cuts reduced the number of available officers in the response area served by the department, says Bethel Township Fire and EMS Department Chief Jacob King."

Proposal would allow Georgia firefighters to carry guns:

"Rep. Kevin Cooke, R-Carrollton, introduced a bill Thursday, called House Bill 807, co-signed by several other House members, to permit firefighters to carry firearms while on duty, if they wish, and if they have the permission of their superior officers."

Armed Tactical EMS Team Responds with SWAT in Hot Zones:

"Team members completed 40 hours of initial training from instructors Hammonds and Ashley Tordiff of the Collins Career Center Law Enforcement Academy, including courses in self-defense, legal aspects of tactical EMS, firearms recognition, advanced firearms, self-aid/buddy aid and an Ohio concealed carry permit class."

Training for the TEMS unit continues following certification and is ongoing. Every week the team participates in realistic simulations with the Lawrence County SWAT team.

Firefighters carrying guns on the job:

"There are several departments who allow selected staff to carry a firearm and most of those are Fire Marshals and are generally commissioned officers with the police powers to arrest and even those individuals get into trouble if they misuse their weapons."

Police in California want to use an armored tank or a medevac vehicle to respond to accidents, etc.

image credit:Contracostastimes

"About 100 people attended a meeting in San Leandro and people from the community expressed their concerns about a medevac vehicle the San Leandro Police Department says it wants to acquire."

"The armored vehicle was the subject of the special San Leandro City Council meeting. Police officers from the region said the vehicle would enable paramedics to help victims trapped in a hot zone, since EMS doesn't go into a hot zone unless it's been cleared. The medevac is able to withstand a rifle round, but is also equipped like an ambulance on the inside." 

What are Hot, Warm and Cool zones? DHS/police have created these three "zones"  to justify arming EMS & firefighters. Click here & here to read more.

Hot Zone (Care Under Fire):

Scoop and run
Life threatening bleeding
Safe and quick exit to warm zone.

Warm Zone (Tactical Field Care):


Cool Zone:

Relative Safety
Staging Area

Back to the armored tank...

"Basically it's an ambulance with armor protection around it," said Lt. Randy Brand. "And it would basically be used to integrate fire and EMS and police personnel into a critical incident instead of bringing a regular ambulance."

"What this armored vehicle allows us to do is transport medical personnel in it , have them protected, have law enforcement extract them, get them into that immediate care much quicker," said Robert McManus of the San Leandro Police Department.

Who's behind equipping EMS/firefighters with Bearcat tanks? Of course it's DHS, San Leandro received a $200,000 DHS grant so they could buy it.

The next time you call 911 be prepared to welcome a six man "RESCUE TASK FORCE" complete with tactical gear into your home!

image credit: Greenvilleonline

A firefighter will be paired with a police officer “to give our rescue people security,” he said.“You're in that in-between zone where the scene has been secured and there could be a threat, but no on-going threat in that immediate” area, Goffstown Fire Chief Richard O'Brien O'Brien said.

“EMS and police form these teams called rescue task forces of two EMS and four police officers as their security detail and they'll make entry into a building and get to patients quicker to ultimately provide necessary care for life-theatening injuries,” she said.

More fire departments throughout the country are adding 'new equipment' or tactical gear to their firetrucks, according to Raymond Ballia, president of Body Armor Outlet.

Unless we rise up and speak out, this is the future of America, where EVERY cop, firefighter and ambulance driver will be patrolling our streets in tanks!

Windows 10 is full blown electronic tyranny

A new privacy feature in Windows 10 sends a weekly “activity update” to parents carrying all the details of children’s internet browsing and computer history. All the information is sent to the parents in an unsolicited email.

The new operating system, is a free upgrade for users of Windows XP, 7 and 8/8.1. The activity feature allows parents to get ‘weekly reports’ of absolutely everything their children are looking at online, even if the kids browse anonymously or try to clear it.

The activity feature is automatically switched on and allows parents to create child accounts with controls and restrictions put on them.

However, you can disable the feature. If you go onto your Family account, turn off ’email weekly reports to me’ and ‘activity reporting’, then it won’t be a problem. This allows children to keep their privacy but also at the same time does not allow them access to adult content.

Windows 10 spying on every image you look at:

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Police want citizens to voluntarily give them their family photos and medical info.

'Smart911' is police state America's latest attempt at finding out EVERYTHING about its citizens!

"Smart911 is a free service used by public safety agencies across the country to enhance communication and response for their community.  It can be used by 9-1-1 agencies to quickly send first responders to the location of an emergency with more information, by emergency management to better plan for and respond to disasters, and by municipalities to send emergency notifications to their citizens."

Smart911 allows residents to create a free online profile and input their medical and health information, address, emergency contacts and other personal details!

What exactly are those personal details? Why your family pictures of course, Police will have access to photos of your children and their personal information and don't forget to send pics. of your pets too.

"... Smart911 is a national system that provides citizens with the ability to create safety profiles online holding personal data that is automatically displayed to 9-1-1 only during emergency calls. Information can include children’s photos, medical conditions, disabilities, home addresses of cellphone callers, or other rescue-related information..."

WHY on earth would you trust the police with your family photos?

"By creating a Safety Profile for your family, you are providing potentially life-saving information to public safety officials at the time when they need it most."

Why would you voluntarily give police all your personal info? Do you trust our government that much?

Rave Mobile Safety is profiting by pushing for 'Smart911' across the country all in the name of SAFETY, wink, wink. (click here to read more about Rave Mobile Safety)

Need I mention that DHS is behind this? Click here, here, & here to read more.

Chris McIntire, the director of the Marion County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management claims "Smart911 is going to help save lives" but won't say who's lives or at what expense.

Here's a revealing quote from Rave Mobile Safety's website about who's lives they really care about:

"When an emergency arises, a caller sometimes can’t communicate for various reasons. We can now have the home address of a mobile phone caller, and can approach the scene of an emergency knowing more about a household, including who lives there and even pets that may be in the home, which provides greater safety for our officers."
Did you catch that, it's not about police knowing the medical condition of a sick member of your household its about "providing greater safety for our officers"!

DHS/police are launching Smart911 across the country:

Is Smart911 trying to get every 9-1-1 center to use Smart911’s technology?

"Yes. Smart911 is working to make its technology and service available to all 9-1-1 centers across the country, and the coverage area is rapidly growing every day."

Arkansas was the first state to implement Smart911.
New York has begun implementing Smar911, click here & here to read more.
Culver City, was the first city in California to implement Smart911.
Medford, was the first city in Massachusetts to implement Smart911.

To date Smart911 is in 40 states and growing:

"Smart911 serves more than 1,000 U.S. communities across 40 states" and is currently available in more than 350 municipalities across the country.

"The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) plans to launch a program that would provide first responders with medical, health and other information on callers to help improve response times".

What a total cop-out (couldn't resist the pun). So Mr. Landry would have us believe giving police our entire medical history is a good thing. The American police state is growing more brazen by the day.

What you're not being told is your address is already been given a color-coded threat assessment based on your pizza delivery phone calls, friends and much more!
Your kids from kindergarten through college are being given THREAT ASSESSMENTS. And they're being given MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS.
How much will installing Smart911 cost us? That's a state secret (I'm joking).

HPD Capt. Rade Vanic said police hope to launch the optional service next month. The department did not provide a cost for the program.

Of course they didn't provide a cost for the program, how much would you like to bet it's paid for by a DHS grant/our tax dollars?

How long do you think it will take, before it becomes a federal law requiring EVERYONE to provide their medical info. and pictures to police? Anyone willing to bet its only 2-5 years away from becoming a reality?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Private citizens can ticket and arrest anyone for traffic violations in Tennessee

The American police state keeps growing, private citizens can stop, ticket and arrest anyone for a traffic violation:

The Newspaper:

The Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals on Friday decided to emphasize the private citizen's right to pull over other motorists, even for minor traffic infractions. A three-judge panel reviewed the September 2, 2012 incident in which Pigeon Forge Police Officer Jeremy Croce stopped Steven Roy Wilburn outside of his jurisdiction.

Though he did not realize it, the officer was not in Pigeon Forge -- best known as the home of Dollywood -- when he saw a lane violation. He had crossed into the neighboring town of Sevierville. The offense he witnessed was a Class C misdemeanor that is usually punished with a maximum fine of $50.

 "As a private citizen, Officer Croce was authorized to stop and arrest defendant for these traffic violations." Judge Timothy L. Easter wrote for the unanimous panel. "Officer Croce's subjective belief that he was acting as a police officer in Sevierville rather than as a private citizen is immaterial."

To operate under his authority as a city police officer, Officer Croce would have had to receive permission from Sevierville. He never asked for permission because he was not actually sure how far within that city's limits he had driven. Officer Croce explained that he waited to pull Wilburn over because he wanted to give him "the benefit of the doubt" and ensure his weaving was not simply the result of a momentary lapse of concentration. At the suppression hearing, Officer Croce admitted that he did not develop any reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation until he had entered the Sevierville city limits.

Once stopped, however, it was clear Wilburn was driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) from the odor of alcohol on his breath, his bloodshot eyes and slowed reactions. The allegations were backed up with dashcam video.

"Officer Croce was also authorized, as a private citizen, to arrest defendant for DUI," Judge Easter ruled.

Tennessee law allows one private citizen to arrest another not just for the commission of a felony, but also for "a public offense committed in the arresting person's presence." The appellate judges cited a number of precedents that interpret a public offense to include misdemeanors, including traffic violations. For that reason, the court upheld Wilburn's DUI conviction.

In Ohio, police can stop you because your car is loud and fast looking:

Daniyar Tuyakbayev, 30, found this out after driving in San Fransisco's Presidio neighborhood about a half-hour before midnight on January 18, 2015. US Park Police Officer Eric Cole was standing behind a bus stop at Lincoln Boulevard and Pershing Drive, having pulled over another motorist. He says he heard the loud roar of Tuyakbayev's 2014 Ford Mustang engine and, from a hundred yards away, he guessed it was traveling 20 MPH over the 30 MPH speed limit. He waved his flashlight, ordering Tuyakbayev to pull over.

"I was driving at the posted 30 miles per hour speed limit, and I did not exceed it," Tuyakbayev testified.

US Magistrate Judge Maria-Elena James decided instead to believe the Park Police officer when he said the Mustang looked and sounded like it was going really fast.

"Officer Cole's belief that defendant was speeding was not premised on a mere hunch, but rather, on Officer Cole's observations that he heard defendant's loud engine accelerating towards him and observed defendant's car traveling at a very high rate of speed," Judge James wrote. "Officer Cole also attests he was trained and certified to visually and accurately estimate the speed of a moving vehicle as part of his law enforcement duties."

American journalists considered enemies of the state

What could possibly go wrong? The Department of Defense (DOD) claims this only applies to journalists sympathizing or cooperating with the enemy.

Please read on...

From the Huffington Post:

The Law of War manual, updated to apply for the first time to all branches of the military, contains a vaguely worded provision that military commanders could interpret broadly, experts in military law and journalism say. Commanders could ask journalists to leave military bases or detain journalists for any number of perceived offenses.

"In general, journalists are civilians," the 1,180 page manual says, but it adds that "journalists may be members of the armed forces, persons authorized to accompany the armed forces, or unprivileged belligerents."

A person deemed "unprivileged belligerent" is not entitled to the rights afforded by the Geneva Convention so a commander could restrict from certain coverage areas or even hold indefinitely without charges any reporter considered an "unprivileged belligerent."

Ken Lee, an ex-Marine and military lawyer who specializes in "law of war" issues and is now in private practice, said it was worrisome that the detention of a journalist could come down to a commander's interpretation of the law.

If a reporter writes an unflattering story, "does this give a commander the impetus to say, now you're an unprivileged belligerent? I would hope not," Lee said.
"I'm troubled by the label 'unprivileged belligerents,' which seems particularly hostile," said Kathleen Carroll, AP's executive editor. "It sounds much too easy to slap that label on a journalist if you don't like their work, a convenient tool for those who want to fight wars without any outside scrutiny."

Journalists working for The Associated Press and other news organizations have been detained or thrown out of embed arrangements for stories, video or photographs that the military found unflattering, even before the new manual was published on June 21. But the manual has raised concerns that commanders would feel even more free to find fault with reporting — or that other governments might use the U.S. rules to mistreat reporters working on their soil.

The Law of War manual pulls together all international laws on war applicable to the U.S. armed forces, and is designed as a reference guide for the military.

Why should this concern you? It's not like our police arrest journalists and photographers right? Wrong!

Not only do America's police treat journalists with contempt, they beat and arrest them, below are a few examples:

Journalists sue St. Louis County police for alleged battery, false arrest.
Journalist says NYPD beat and illegally arrested him during OWS march.
NYPD admits to arresting journalists for covering OWS.
Boston Police Commissioner wants to criminalize the recording of cops in public.
Boston police threaten to arrest journalists for recording Urban Shield drill.

And checkout "Photography Is Not A Crime" website that's been documenting police abuse of photographers and journalists for years.

If you've been paying attention the DOD and DHS have created a militarized police force in America. They're so intertwined with our police, you'd have to have blinders on and or stay indoors not see it.

Our police use the SAME tactics as our military and are trained on military bases across the country. If you doubt it, do a quick search for "Jade Helm" many former armed forces personnel receive preferential employment. Not to mention many of America's police chiefs have military backgrounds.

America's police look more like frontline combat troops and in some cases are better equipped than our National Guard and soldiers thanks to the DOD's 1033 program:

Rafael Rivera – who served in the U.S. Army for seven years – writes:

The police in Ferguson have better armor and weaponry than my men and I did in the middle of a war. And Ferguson isn’t alone — police departments across the US are armed for war.

Senator McCaskill pointed out that in some places local police departments are more heavily armed than the National Guard.

Someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, commented that We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone

Many combat veterans have since pointed out that the SWAT officers are more heavily armed and outfitted than they themselves were while patrolling the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan.

"What we're seeing here is a gaggle of cops wearing more elite killing gear than your average squad leader leading a foot patrol through the most hostile sands or hills of Afghanistan. They are equipped with Kevlar helmets, assault-friendly gas masks, combat gloves and knee pads (all four of them), woodland Marine Pattern utility trousers, tactical body armor vests, about 120 to 180 rounds for each shooter, semiautomatic pistols attached to their thighs, disposable handcuff restraints hanging from their vests, close-quarter-battle receivers for their M4 carbine rifles and Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights. In other words, they're itching for a fight. A big one. It's a well-known horror that the US military greets foreign peoples in this fashion as our politicians preach freedom, democracy and peace. It's an abomination that the police greet black communities in the States with the same trigger-happy posture. Especially on the occasion of an unarmed teen's death by cop."