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Thursday, July 2, 2015

New 'hostile vehicle' police term for recording or talking back will bring DHS and K9's

The Rhode Island resident was in Philadelphia for the International Society for Technology in Education conference, waiting for a friend in her vehicle. A police officer noticed that she was parked in the wrong direction at the Amtrak 30th St. drop off.

Not satisfied with simply writing a ticket, the cop became verbally abusive. Perhaps he was agitated at being filmed, or enraged at the audacity of a person who dared to say the street signage was poor.

The cop had enough and radioed in a “hostile vehicle” call, which prompted eight other officers, a K-9 unit and Homeland Security to arrive.

What the Philly cop really broadcast is he encountered terrorists and possible explosives inside a car!

There are numerous 'Hostile Vehicle Mitigation' references on the web but it's mostly a European term [UK], there doesn't seem to be any official American police definition as of now. Keep in mind EVERYTHING that happens in the UK eventually makes it's way into US policing.

Below are two examples of 'Hostile Vehicle Mitigation'

"Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to sophisticated or aggressive attacks by determined criminals or terrorists. The mobility and payload capacity of a vehicle offers a convenient delivery mechanism for a large explosive device. The  Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) section contains policy and good practice guidance that will help practitioners to determine the vehicle-borne threat, assess site strengths and vulnerabilities, and provide options for HVM."

"HVM is safety protocols and procedures used to reduce the opportunity for vehicle based criminal activities. These are specifically focused on preventing terrorist activities such as the use of vehicles carrying improvised explosive devices. It is essential for operators of public buildings, transport links and businesses to implement full HVM measures to protect their properties and members of the public from these kinds of events."

Have you ever seen the static terra bollards (poles) in front of airports and govt. buildings? They're to stop "hostile vehicles" not a person that films or questions a cop!

image credit: Frontier Pitts

It's not illegal to film or question police in America, YET!

Government documents prove they're preparing to put dissidents in camps

Read the documents:

Civilian Labor Inmate Program

Operation Garden Plot

The Military’s Plans for Social Unrest: CONPLAN 3502, Civil Disturbance Operations and Martial Law

Executive Order 13603

Section 1021 of the NDAA 2012 seemingly allows (the language is evasive) for the detention (without trial or charges) of American citizens redefined by the “executive” elite as “enemy combatants” in the so-called “war on terror, ” a “war” which has become in the eyes of many, a war against the Constitution and civil liberties, a war against the disenchanted, fed-up and dissenting American public, spearheaded by a militarized police state allied to imperial military courts and “tribunals,” buttressed and rationalized with mind-bending mil-speak of “enemy combatants,” “unlawful combatants,” “enemy belligerents,” “homeland battlefield” “domestic extremists” “domestic terrorists” and the like.

Google might have your voice on file

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

B.S. study claims blue eyed people are likely to be alcoholics and have psychiatric illnesses

One of the biggest BULLSHIT studies ever to be published claims people with blue or light eyes are likely to become ALCOHOLICS!

The American Journal of Medical Genetics (AJOMG) published a study called: "Eye color: A potential indicator of alcohol dependence risk in European Americans."

First you should read the conflict of interest:

"Henry Kranzler has been a consultant or advisory board member for the following pharmaceutical companies: Alkermes, Lilly, Lundbeck, Otsuka, Pfizer, and Roche. He is also a member of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology's Alcohol Clinical Trials Initiative, which is supported by Alkermes, Ethypharm, Lilly, Lundbeck, AbbVie, and Pfizer. All the other authors declare no potential conflict of interest."

'The American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology's Alcohol Clinical Trials Initiative' (ASCP) is a corporate funded workgroup that profits from providing meds to alcoholics and people with psychological disorders!

Never heard of a psychopharmacologist? Psychopharmacology is the study of the use of medications in treating mental disorders. Having drug companies sponsor these studies is akin to letting the fox guard the henhouse, isn't it?

"In a generic sense, any physician who treats patients with psychotropic medication is a psychopharmacologist."

"The mission of the Alcohol Clinical Trials Initiative (ACTIVE) workgroup is to develop consensus reviews and recommendations to improve the design, execution, and interpretation of trials of medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence."

"The ACTIVE Workgroup is made up of two representatives from each of the supporting corporations, representatives from FDA, NIAAA, NIDA and several academic ACNP members."

There's no question the FDA, NIAA and the NIDA work with DHS, so right about now you should be asking why would anyone believe this study?

But it gets worse...

The ASCP has close ties to DHS, click here and here to read more. The ASCP gladly accepts DHS grants and awards (cash gifts).

Back to the study:

image credit: Trends style

Blue-eyed people might have a greater chance of becoming alcoholics, while people with dark eyes are more alcohol-resistant, alleges US 'genetic researchers' and I use the term loosely.

"In archival samples of European-ancestry subjects, light-eyed individuals have been found to consume more alcohol than dark-eyed individuals."

First of its kind? So that means we'll have more of these B.S. studies and soon police will have probable cause to suspect anyone with blue or light colored eyes to be drunk.
What's next will there be special licenses denoting you're a suspected alcoholic if you have light colored eyes?  How many MADD board members will be considered alcoholics? How many cops, NHTSA members will be considered drunks based on the color of their eyes?

Currently police across the country can look at your eyes and determine which drugs you're on!
It's junk science that's in use right now, police call themselves 'Drug Recognition Experts' and if you've got blue or light colored eyes you'll soon be a target.

The war on drunk/drug driving makes the Salem witch hunts pale by comparison (37 people died). How many thousands of people have been arrested or will be? Private corporations, DHS/police our ENTIRE justice system depends on us remaining ignorant and silent.

Click here, here, here & here to find out how inaccurate DRE's are.

There's more B.S. to come:
The study was conducted based on data from ONLY 1,263 people and concentrated mostly on European Americans.

According to Li, “we still don’t know the reason” and more research, as well as replication are needed.  You don't know the reason?  And more replication is needed? In other words they need more taxpayer dollars for more asinine studies funded by DHS!

Almost EVERY BULLSHIT drunk/drugged related study has DHS's stamp on it.

Unsurprisingly the AJOMG also has close ties to DHS!

Here's a number of examples of DHS's close ties to the AJOMG:

Randolph Hall is a member of the AJOMG and has close ties to DHS.

Dr. James Aspos is a member of the AJOMG and has close ties to DHS.

Mark A. Rothstein is a member of the AJOMG and has close ties to DHS.

Maren T. Scheuner works for the RAND corporation which has CLOSE ties to DHS, she's written numerous articles for the AJOMG.

Norman Doggett works at Los Alamos National Laboratory is a member of the AJOMG which has close ties to DHS.

Sara Huston Katsanis is a member of the European Journal of Human Genetics and has close ties to DHS.

Dr. Gary Margolis served as the Univ. of Vermont's police chief which has close ties to DHS.

The Univ. of Vermont has issued 22 criminal justice related research studies, one notable 'independent' study calls for DUI courts in New England.

"The goal of DUI courts is to "make offenders accountable for their actions."

"DUI courts and ignition interlock devices (IIDs), for example, provide offenders with a means to regain driving privileges while addressing problems of alcohol addiction."

"The use of IIDs and bike programs allows participants to maintain employment while engaging in rehabilitative DUI court programs."

Does this sound like an independent university study to you?  Rehab DUI court programs are just a smoke screen for revenue. People are forced into rehab by the state and HAVE to pay for their own rehab. When is the mass media going to expose DHS for manipulating so many universities and studies?

Over 240 universities are working with DHS. So the next time a B.S. study comes out check and see if they're working for DHS.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Police officers describe what they really think about de-escalation training: They 'put guns up peoples noses'

image credit: Daily Mail

In a NY Times article showing how police are being trained to de-escalate a situation two Seattle cops describe what's really going on:

In the video a Seattle police trainer expresses sympathy when he is aggressively challenged by skeptical officers. “I agree. I agree. Don’t shoot the messenger. This is what the DOJ is saying, not me,” the trainer says, referring to new mandatory training to curb excessive use of force required in a 2012 consent decree between the city and U.S. Department of Justice.

In another part of the video, an officer undergoing the training describes a personal experience. “I pulled my gun out and stuck it right in his nose and I go, ‘show me your hands now.’ He showed me his hands. I just de-escalated him from doing something.”

“Last week, there was a guy in a car who wouldn’t show me his hands,” the officer said. “I pulled my gun out and stuck it right in his nose, and I go, ‘Show me your hands now!’ That’s de-escalation.”

Another trainer pointed out that department policy doesn’t equate de-escalation with use of force.

“If we just started to treat people with dignity and respect, things would go much better”  said Gary T. Klugiewicz, a retired Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office captain.

Klugiewicz trains police in de-escalation techniques.

Training regimens at nearly all of our nation’s police academies emphasize military-style exercises, including significant hours spent practicing drill, formation and saluting, said Maria R. Haberfeld, a professor of police science at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.

“I was trained to fight the war on crime, and we were measured by the number of arrests we made and our speed in answering 911 calls,” said Kathleen O’Toole, the Seattle police chief.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Police Commissioner Robert Haas makes excuses for cops encountering people who know their rights and challenge them verbally: 'We haven't taught officers to just walk away.' 

Keep in mind, the Feds claim there are close to 9,000 untrained police departments in America.

Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole has asked the department’s internal-investigations unit to conduct a preliminary review of comments made by the two officers.

O’Toole asked the department’s Office of Professional Accountability to examine the comments regarding the use of a gun, Pierce Murphy, the OPA’s civilian director, said.

The OPA will conduct a preliminary review of both matters to determine if a full investigation should be conducted to determine if discipline is warranted, Murphy said.

In the case of the gun comments, the OPA will seek to determine whether the incident described by the officer occurred and the full context, including whether a use of force was reported under department policy, Murphy said.

Nothing is going to change until police stop being trained by the military and receiving military tanks, assault weapons, grenade launchers etc.  Keep in mind veterans receive preferential hiring at our nation's police departments and many of them were former military police.

"Combat veterans seeking police careers may do poorly on entrance exams, they may lack confidence in their skill sets, or they may have had some post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms that come out in psychological screenings. Any of these issues can keep returning military personnel from a police job, but all can be remedied. More importantly, there are people and programs in and out of the military that can help."

Police One magazine wrote a BS article absolving police hiring veterans that might have PTSD.

"Dr. Eric Dean Jr. noted that the mental health industry has not adequately defined PTSD and its so-called discovery was more a political statement against the Vietnam War than a scientific breakthrough."

'He wrote that “PTSD, born in an era of vehement antiwar sentiment, cast its net widely over many aspects of human behavior that had never before been considered a ‘mental illness’” and wrongly labeled normal reactions to violence a mental health problem.'

"Police hiring authorities should keep in mind the myth and reality of PTSD, and, in some instances, their legal obligation not to discriminate against applicants or returning police officers for their service.'

Therein lies the problem, police departments don't care if a soldier has psychological problems.

Click here, here & here to read more about military vets receiving preferential hiring.

The qualifications to become a military cop to put it in layman's terms: they couldn't become soldiers for numerous issues (psychological, physical) so they became military cops.

How many cops are vets, no one is saying. How many cops can stop thinking and acting like soldiers? Do I really need to answer that?