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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Police state America invades movie theaters

image credit: ClickOrlando

The American police state has invaded our movie theaters! Movie theaters are doing their part keeping Americans in fear!

AMC Theaters has begun running a "safety" message that says: "If you happen to see any suspiciously strange characters or bad agendas, report them to our crew."

Click here to see the AMC "safety" message.

AMC's "safety" message is really DHS's "See Something Say Something" spying program that's turned our neighbors into spies!

Watch out, that kid stuffing his face with popcorn and candy is suspicious! That kid who keeps fidgeting and leaving their seat every 20 minutes might be a terrorist! This is the absurd reality of living in Police State America!

Leave it to the mass media to find a person that believes DHS's "safety" message that terrorists could
be watching movies, Lenore McHugh had this to say...

"I think it's good to make people aware because some people just go in the theater, sit down and they are not aware of what's going on around them because they're just looking forward," said McHugh.

Have we become so "terrorized" by the media that we believe it's forward-looking of DHS and movie theaters to post B.S. warnings that would make the Nazi's and the KGB jealous? By terrorized I mean the media sensationalizes the threat of terror to make a profit. Click here to read "Terrorism and the Media: A Dangerous Symbiosis."

At least one moviegoer voiced his disdain over increased security at movie theaters:

“What are you going to do? Put security guards with guns everywhere,” Steve Cooper threw out the idea but was not for it. He added, “I don’t want that.”

Back in 2014 I reported how "Movie Theaters & Doorman Are Spying On Americans. Don't forget the Motion Picture Association of America works closely with DHS, click here to read more.

AMC Theaters is not the only theater to jump on the everyone's a potential terrorist bandwagon. "Studio Movie Grill"(SMG) which is rapidly expanding across the country is doing its part to feed the flames.

Why should anyone care about SMG's expansion, after all isn't that democracy?

"With the help of our partner, Goldman Sachs, Studio Movie Grill is excited and grateful to have the opportunity to further establish our brand across the country," said Founder and CEO Brian Schultz.

"Studio Movie Grill announced it is expanding on both coasts once more with new locations announced in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Simi Valley, California as well as two new Texas theaters in North Dallas and Houston. Since its founding in 2000, Studio Movie Grill (SMG) has grown steadily from its Texas roots to what will soon be 24 locations in ten states by year's end. With the remodel and addition of 4 screens at its Plano, TX theater, 34 new screens will be in place by Q4 and 231 in total nationwide."

Goldman Sachs one of the most corrupt companies in America is helping SMG expand!

If you guessed Goldman Sachs has a close relationship with DHS give yourself a gold star. In fact former Goldman Sachs VP Chad Sweet was chief of staff at DHS and was Director of Operations for the CIA!

Steven A. Kerr, Chief Learning Officer at Goldman Sachs is on DHS's Homeland Security Advisory Council and as if that wasn't enough proof, Goldman Sachs is also a charter member of DHS's Financial Services Sector.

Back to SMG...

Brian Schultz the founder/owner and CEO of SMG, used to work as an aide to former senator Arlen Specter.

FYI, Senators Joe Lieberman and Arlen Specter introduced legislation to create the Department of Homeland Security in 2001!

Shultz is also one of the founding members of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization now known as "Entrepreneurs Organization" which has close ties to the TSA and DHS.

Dr. Lance Larson, PH.D. helped coordinate DHS and the Entrepreneurs Organization!

What does all this mean to the average moviegoer? It means DHS wants TSA like security in EVERY movie theater in America!

image credit: securityri

"Beefing up security at the nation's 5,000 theaters would be expensive, says the Los Angeles Times. Walk-through metal detectors cost about $5,000. In addition to the price of such devices, security systems require training personnel and paying their wages."

"Maintaining a strong security installation at a multiplex could cost between $250,000 and $1 million annually, says security consultant Michael Dorn. Such a system would include metal detectors, X-ray machines, workers to operate those devices and additional armed security."

"There's a difference between having a metal detector at the door and actually having effective screening," said Dorn, director of Safe Havens International. "My fear is that we may see theaters throw in metal detectors without proper utilization." Any changes that threaten to make the moviegoing experience less smooth would probably meet industry resistance.

If history is any indicator, it won't meet any "industry resistance" once DHS gives security grants that will put metal detectors in every movie theater across the country! How long before this becomes reality a year maybe two?

Senator Tony Avella has announced he's working on legislation for metal detectors at theaters, stadiums and malls!

"Avella is developing legislation that would require theater, indoor mall and stadium owners to provide enhanced security."

"Avella said he knows it will cost money, so he plans to include as part of the legislation a public/private partnership “where the state will pick up half the cost.”

'As for the potential inconvenience of metal detectors, Avella said it would be worth it if it saves just one life."

So, who are SMG security personnel? SMG has what the company calls “highly trained officers” at each theater! SMG also makes it a point to hire military vets and ex- cops:

"SMG is extremely proud to announce that all security officers assigned to any SMG present and future will be military veterans. The company specifically chose to work with G4S for its security services because of their initiative regarding the hiring of returning military veterans as part of the White House's Joining Forces campaign. G4S continues to be a destination employer for veterans and according to Civilian Jobs News is one of the best places for veterans to work."  Click here to find out more about the Joining Forces campaign.

G4S is a British-Danish private security company that operates in over 120 countries; it is the largest security company in the world. G4S is notorious for operating private prisons and providing deportation services internationally. G4S has such a close relationship with DHS one wonders if they're not just a front company posing as security professionals.

In the United States, G4S operates privatized juvenile detention facilities. G4S works alongside Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection to detain and deport people across the U.S./Mexico border and transport ICE detainees to ICE detention facilities throughout the country.

Schultz went on to brag about his choice of using G4S: "Making a difference starts with being a good neighbor. We understand that our theater teams, vendor-partners, investors, community and guests are all inter-related. For SMG, conscious business not only benefits our guests and our communities, but also enriches the lives of our team members, vendor-partners, and investors. It's truly a win-win-win-win-win proposition for everyone and the type of purpose-work SMG takes very seriously."

What it all comes down to is DHS, sorry I mean SMG turning a profit for its vendors (G4S) while keeping the public in a CONSTANT state of fear!

It's gotten so out of control DHS is even promoting their B.S. spy program during Earth Day festivals and at our National Parks:

"If You See Something, Say Something" Campaign continues its partnership with the USPP on the National Mall this spring and summer supporting such events as Earth Day, July 4th, and the World Police & Fire Games."

Our Park Police even have an intelligence division that reports directly to DHS:

"The Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Unit is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating all forms of domestic and foreign information and intelligence that may impact the mission of the United States Park Police. The Branch also monitors First Amendment activities to include demonstrations, protests, marches, and gatherings on National Park Service property."

"The Branch is also active in several intelligence working groups that provide networking capabilities with virtually every Federal, State, and local law enforcement agency in the region."

The next time you take a picture in a national park and a Park Ranger approaches you, its because they think taking pictures is suspicious! Last year the Park Service wanted to fine anyone taking pictures in their parks $1,000!

The future of moviegoing in America is frightening. Within the next few years we can expect to go to gov't. run movie theaters and watch only gov't. approved movies while gov't. officials (law enforcement) subject you and your family to TSA searches.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Credit card companies are forcing everyone to use "smart" credit cards in their war against cash

image credit: trusted traveler

Payment-processing giants like MasterCard and Visa insist that you and your financial data will be safer once you move to "smart" credit cards that contain a computer chip. And like it or not, credit card companies are forcing merchants to make the change.

After an Oct. 1, 2015, deadline created by major U.S. credit card issuers MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express, the liability for card-present fraud will shift to whichever party is the least EMV-compliant in a fraudulent transaction.

In other words credit card companies are FORCING merchants to make the change or they'll have to pay for every fraudulent purchase!

The new "smart" credit card rules are forcing banks to also hold you accountable for any fraudulent purchases! You read that right, banks can blame the customer if they feel you might have been negligent.

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, which is shorthand for bank owned digital currency.

"Approximately 120 million Americans have already received an EMV chip card and that number is projected to reach nearly 600 million by the end of 2015, according to Smart Card Alliance estimates."

A Fortune magazine interview with Carolyn Balfany MasterCard's SVP of U.S. product delivery for EMV's revealed this bombshell:

The ultimate would be no card at all, right? Where I just use my phone for everything.
"But is every demographic, is every person, ready for that? When we think about acceptance, we wouldn’t ever want to take a step back on acceptance. We want to make sure we are adding acceptance constantly to further our war on cash Carolyn Balfany said."

Not to be outdone, Citigroup claims only criminals use cash:

Citigroup’s Chief Economist Willem Buiter claims ..."even though hard evidence is hard to come by, it is very likely that the underground economy and the criminal community are among the heaviest users of currency."

Evidence is hard to come by? In other words there is none and he's full of s***!

Chris Skinner, author of The Future of Banking and Digital Bank wants to do away with currency:


There it is in black and white, THE WAR ON CASH IS REAL and credit card companies are hard at work trying to destroy currency!

Back to EMV's; just how secure are "smart" credit cards? According to recent studies EVM "smart" cards are vulnerable to hacking.

Norton Security says that this year 70% of credit cards will be vulnerable to digital pick pocketing.

Researchers have proven "smart" cards are more vulnerable to hacking than banks want you to know:

‘The technology is high-frequency RFID,’ Mr Bryan said.

Researchers at a recent "blackhat conference" revealed more vulnerabilities:

“With just a mobile phone we created a POS terminal that could read a card through a wallet,” Martin Emms, lead researcher of the project said.

“All the checks are carried out on the card rather than the terminal so at the point of transaction, there is nothing to raise suspicions. By pre-setting the amount you want to transfer, you can bump your mobile against someone’s pocket or swipe your phone over a wallet left on a table and approve a transaction."

Transactions took less than a second to be approved.

“This lends itself to multiple attackers across the world collecting small transactions of perhaps €200 at a time for a central rogue merchant who could be located anywhere in the world,” Emms notes. “This previously undocumented flaw around foreign currency, combined with the lack of POS terminal authentication and the ease of skimming contactless credit cards, makes the system more vulnerable to high-value attacks.”

Click here to read the "Chip and Skim: cloning EMV cards with the pre-play attack" report.

EMV credit card terminals are also vulnerable to being hacked:

Two security researchers showed how easily criminals could take control of a shop owner's credit card terminals -- even if the shop uses the latest chip-and-PIN machines.

Those terminals are supposed to be safe, because they encrypt your PIN as you type it and don't store your credit card's data. But MWR Labs researchers found that a hacker could easily tell the machines to do the opposite.

Hacking the terminals is virtually undetectable. Turning the machine off erases all evidence that the hack ever even happened.

Keep this in mind when banks have FORCED everyone to use EMV "smart" credit cards.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Universities are using data analytics to assess students mental health and much more

image credit: Skyfactor

Currently there are 150 universities in the U.S. using "Skyfactor" which monitors and assesses a students tests scores. Schools are also assessing how "COOPERATIVE" your parents are!

"Skyfactor advertises itself as a risk management service, promising to help academics “quickly see which students need attention and resources now — before it’s too late”. Course tutors are given access to a dashboard that documents each student’s class attendances, assessment grades, participation in sports practices, and visits to the campus financial aid officer. "

A door icon placed next to each students name, is either closed or open. If the icon is "closed" it means the student isn't likely to leave the institution early, but if the icon is "open" then the school could lose thousands of dollars if he or she leaves the institution!

Skyfactor also monitors EVERY students grades, if their high grades drop, or their passion for university sports begins to wane, Skyfactor will flag these individuals in red.

David McNally, chief technology officer at Macmillan Science and Education, which owns Skyfactor, says the early warning mechanism is beneficial for all involved. “In the US more than the UK . . . losing a student is a very expensive loss to an institution because they pay high annual fees,” he says. “If you can get to a student before they drop out, you can keep them in the institution.”

McNally insists the information is “being used for the greater good, which is better education for everybody”. He insists it is not only students being tracked: the same programs that measure their performance are being used to compare how effective their tutors are and how well one school is teaching its pupils compared with another. In the future, it will be possible to compare entire local education authorities.

Andrew Campbell a computer science professor at Dartmouth University believes students could reap bigger long-term benefits if they allow their data to be shared with their student dean, professor or clinician, who could make external interventions.

Of course Professor Campbell wants to spy on students, he helped develop a smartphone app that spies on students mental health 24/7 called the StudentLife app. Click here to read his study.

“The StudentLife app is able to continuously make mental health assessment 24/7, opening the way for a new form of assessment,” says Professor Campbell, the study’s senior author. “This is a very important and exciting breakthrough.”

"Campbell admits that the study involved a “very invasive form of monitoring..."

Students are being given threat assessments across the country! Also EVERY address in America is being assigned color coded threat ratings and EVERY person travelling inside the U.S. is given a "risk assessment".

Don't be surprised when universities force EVERY student to have "The StudentLife" app installed on their cellphones.

Schools are also assessing how "COOPERATIVE" your parents are!

The Tewksbury Public Schools system in MA., inadvertently released confidential student data earlier this year along with this stunner:

"Though it did not feature student names, it included several identifying factors for special-education students with out-of-district placements, including students' grade levels, schools and Individualized Education Program information. It also included a ranking of parents based on how "cooperative" they were.

The list, which replaces student names with numbers, remains in alphabetical order. Information included the student’s current grade, the out-of-district school, the last school attended, the year the student began attending the new school, information on whether or not the decision was made by the IEP team, a legal settlement (typically kept strictly confidential), or if the student moved in from another town, and miscellaneous detail such as the involvement of the Department of Children and Families, passage of MCAS assessments, and more.

The office of Student Services also published its rating of parents according to their ‘cooperativeness with the district.’ Parents rated a ‘1’ are cooperative, ‘2’ somewhat cooperative, and those rated ‘3’ are ‘not cooperative.’

Try not to laugh as the Mass. Dept of Education spokesperson claims they don't give anyone assessments...

As to the ranking of parents for their cooperativeness with the district, Jacqueline Reis, spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education said, I have not heard of ranking parents. That’s not something that we’ve advised districts to do.”

Universities worldwide are spying on students ebook reading habits:

"CourseSmart" gives university customers a window into exactly how often e-textbooks are being read.  CourseSmart can show educators which individuals have read which pages on any given day.

CourseSmart's materials operate via a cloud service, so every time users access a new page, it's tracked in the same way as web page views."

"CourseSmart was founded in 2007 by Macmillan, Cengage Learning, John Wiley & Sons, McGraw-Hill Education and Pearson with a simple goal of providing instructors a better textbook evaluation service. CourseSmart has millions of users around the world and offers access to over 90 percent of core higher education titles as e-textbooks along with the largest catalog of e-resources and digital course materials."

"Vital Source" is the largest, most accessible digital content channel in the world. The VitalSource Bookshelf platform is the most used e-textbook delivery platform in higher education with more than 4 million users across 6,000 campuses around the world. It uses the latest technology to enhance the learning experience through e-textbooks and digital education. Content from more than 500 of the world's top academic publishers is available to VitalSource Bookshelf platform users, including those living with disabilities, on a variety of operating systems and devices.

Police can steal your money and property even though you haven't committed a crime

Friday, July 24, 2015

CNN claims cops are afraid of lit cigarettes

image credit: JDW law firm

CNN claims, if you are stopped by police while driving you should obey a cops orders even if they break the law.

"The officer doesn't know who you are" said Cedric Alexander, CNN law enforcement analyst. This is 100% B.S.!

When a cop stops a motorist what's the FIRST thing they do? They run your registration through their databases which tells the officer who the owner of the vehicle is and what your home address is and that's just for starters.

Just how much do cops really know about you? The truth is much scarier than mass-media would lead you to believe.

This month I reported how "police are giving American addresses color coded threat ratings."

Any high-priority 911 calls, defined as in-progress or life-threatening crimes, will now be filtered through a database to assess any possible threats an officer may encounter while responding.

"The database goes through all public information for the call’s location — from arrest records to pizza deliveries — and gives the address a rating. Green means minimal threat, yellow a possible threat and red a major threat."

"The RTCC system shows officers three pieces of data: the threat level, the criminal history of anyone living at the home and a list of known friends and family members. This list sometimes includes possible phone numbers and addresses of these associates."

Police Chief Jerry Dyer acknowledged that it was possible for a home to be given a red threat level because someone associated with it once had a violent conviction.

Once a cop has your license and registration they know more than you realize:

"They know your name and aliases; your Social Security number; where you live; when you were born; the color of your skin and eyes; any scars, tattoos, or identifying marks; your height, vision, and gender; what kind of car you drive, whether it's a stolen vehicle, and your license and plate numbers; your traffic violation history; your local, state, and federal criminal history; and your fingerprints."

Police are using more than TWENTY EIGHT automated "risk assessment" programs on EVERYONE driving or travelling in the US! Click here & here to find out more.

If you know your rights and exercise them, just hope that cop you just pissed off doesn't call dispatch and say they have a "hostile vehicle" which essentially brands you a terrorist!

The CNN article goes on to say, the first thing an officer is looking out for is his or her safety.

Sarah Bland "could flick the cigarette at him"  CNN legal analyst and criminal defense lawyer Paul Callan said.

Leave it to mass media to publish a B.S. story about cops being put in jeopardy because a motorist could flick a lit cigarette at them!

If an officer feels any threat whatsoever, he or she can order someone out of their vehicle, said CNN legal analyst and attorney Danny Cevallos.

The theory is that "the officer's safety outweighs the minimal intrusion," for a driver or passengers, Cevallos said.

CNN's "experts" and I use the term loosely claim, it's legal to record a traffic stop but that doesn't mean you should!

Retired detective and CNN law enforcement analyst Harry Houck said an officer should never tell a person not to record.
But, he and other experts said, having the right to do certain things doesn't necessarily mean you should do them.
WTF? A cop can't legally order you to put out a cigarette but you should obey them because they work for the government?
What the mass-media is saying is we know cops can and will break the law, just obey them and hope you don't get shot!
Houck went on to claim Sarah Bland would be alive today if she wasn't ARROGANT and just blindly followed a cops orders! Houck continues to blame Bland's "Arrogance" for everything that Officer Encinia did to her, including slamming her head first into the ground when she's already been handcuffed.
"An officer does have the choice to bring anyone out of the vehicle when he stops them for his own safety," Houck told CNN's Don Lemon on Tuesday. "The whole thing here is that she was very arrogant from the beginning, very dismissive of the officer, alright?"
CNN political contributor Marc Lamont Hill pointed out that Bland did not have a legal responsibility to "kiss the officer's butt."

"She has a right to be irritated," Hill said. "A lot of us get irritated when we get pulled over. This officer comes to her and says, 'Is there something wrong? You seem like you have an attitude.' He's trying to pick a fight with her."

Hill responded to Houck's claim that everyone should obey a cops orders even if they're wrong:

"I refused to legitimize police violence against people by telling them that if they behave differently, maybe they won't die," Hill insisted. "Harry said maybe you won't end up on the ground. Yes, there are strategies we can use to survive. But the fact that we live in a world where we have to deploy strategies not to be murdered or killed or assaulted by police unlawfully is absurd."
"An officer can allow a lot of leeway or be incredibly harsh and all of that can be legally justified." said Charles Blow a NY Times columnist.

I think reporter Blows comment is right on target, the American police state, its judges, politicians etc., will back a cops actions even to the point of killing innocent motorists without any repercussions.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Problems with police sketch artists revealed

A study of composite sketches by Charlie Frowd, of the University of Stirling in Scotland, had participants study a photograph of an individual for a full minute, then describe the face for a trained police sketch artist.  How well could people then recognize the faces in these sketches?  The recognition rate was as low as 3%.

Current stats indicate that on average, hand-drawn police sketches are only about 9 percent accurate.

"Computer generated composites are only about 5 percent accurate in helping to accurately identify suspects."

When witnesses choose photos from a photo array, they often choose not the one that closest resembles the culprit, but instead pick the one that looks different from the rest — and when a picture has been chosen, that image often replaces the image in the witness’ memory.  She now remembers that face as being the face of her attacker, even though it wasn’t.  This method of scrambling digital faces poses the same problems.

Police currently use two computer generated composites called IdentiKit which has a 3% recognition rate and EvoFit which claims to have a 25% recognition rate or one in four.

For more information about identifying people click here to see the MIT study and here to see the Claremont Univ. study.

Two more great reads on the subject are:

" Building Face Composites Can Harm Lineup Identification Performance"
" An Evaluation Of U.S. Systems For Facial Composite Production"

Native Americans are being killed by police at an alarming rate