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School kids from K-12 are being indoctrinated into accepting DHS's 'VACCINE' spying program, Part 2

image credit: Purdue Univ.

DHS's 'Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments' or VACCINE as it's commonly referred to, is being taught to school kids across the country. Teachers instructed by DHS are teaching K-12 students that spying on innocent Americans is ok.

"VACCINE’s mission is to educate current homeland security stakeholders and the next generation of talent... Our educational initiatives span the entire career development pipeline ranging from K-12 programs through undergraduate and graduate level work, to professional education and training programs." (for more info. see the Teacher Tutorial section below)

Since 2010, DHS has been using a national "front" program called the "Career Development Program" to indoctrinate our school kids. DHS has even created a Mentoring Program for susceptible school kids.

"DHS Mentoring Programs are formal programs that provide enriching experiences through reciprocal relationships and opportunities for personal and professional growth while sharing knowledge, leveraging skills and cultivating talent."

Would you want your kids to be mentored by a DHS agent?

And if that wasn't bad enough, DHS has also created a 'Pathways Program' designed to indoctrinate students into accepting VACCINE, etc.

"The Pathways Programs offer clear paths to federal internships for students from high school through post-graduate school and to careers for recent graduates, and provide meaningful training and career development opportunities for individuals who are at the beginning of their federal service. As a student or recent graduate, you can begin your career in the federal government by choosing the path that best describes you and where you are in your academics."

DHS will help kids see where they are in academics? Is this a sick joke?

DHS is targeting K-12 students who are interested in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

VACCINE's Educational (Indoctrination) Program

image credit: Purdue Univ.

Middle School Modules:

Middle school modules focusing on homeland security and visual analytics fields, such as; agriculture, social studies, science, technology and mathematics have been designed to enhance current course work.

VACCINE Middle School/High School Teacher Tutorial:

High School Elective:

A three class period module on visualization and analytics has been developed for emergency management and homeland security elective courses for high school juniors/seniors.

Teacher Workshops:

Two one-day teacher workshops are being developed for early June 2010. These workshops will introduce visual analytics and homeland security topics to middle school/ high school teachers with hands-on module development.

Click here to see all six disturbing VACCINE teacher modules.

image credit: DHS Education

Minorities can learn about VACCCINE at Purdue University's 'DHS Centers of Excellence' which trains the next generation of homeland security experts (spies).

"The purpose of (DHS) Summer Research Team (SRT) Program is to increase and enhance the scientific leadership at Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) in research areas that support the mission and goals of DHS. This program provides faculty and student research teams with the opportunity to conduct research at the university-based DHS Centers of Excellence."

"The DHS Centers network is an extended consortium of hundreds of universities generating ground-breaking ideas for new technologies and critical knowledge, while also relying on each other’s capabilities to serve the Department’s many mission needs. ....Each Center is university-led or co-led in collaboration with partners form other institutions, agencies, national laboratories, think tanks and the private sector."

DHS has re-packaged VACCINE in schools across America calling it HS-STEM.

"In 2010, the VACCINE HS-STEM program will specifically recruit students in visualization sciences."

The Committee on STEM Education (CoSTEM), comprised of 13 agencies—including all of the mission-science agencies and the Department of Education—are facilitating a cohesive national strategy, with new and repurposed funds, to increase the impact of federal investments in five areas:
  1. Improving STEM instruction in preschool through 12th grade;
  2. Increasing and sustaining public and youth engagement with STEM;
  3. Improving the STEM experience for undergraduate students;
  4. Better serving groups historically underrepresented in STEM fields;
  5. Designing graduate education for tomorrow's STEM workforce.
DHS wants to use television to indoctrinate kids and parents about VACCINE.

In 2016, the DOE and DHS announced that its 'Ready-to-Learn Television' grant competition would be used to indoctrinate kids and parents.

Purpose of Program:

The Ready-to-Learn Television Program (Ready-to-Learn) is designed to:
  1. Facilitate school readiness and academic achievement by supporting the development and national distribution of educational television and interactive media programming for preschool and elementary school children and their parents;
  2. Develop and disseminate educational outreach materials and programs that are designed to deepen and extend the effectiveness of the educational television and interactive media and
  3. Build social and virtual communities of parents, educators, and children devoted to using the media materials.
DHS's 'Ready to Learn' to target low-income families.
"Ready-to-Learn aims to take advantage of common mass media consumer technologies in order to reach children in low-income homes who may be lacking in educationally-rich learning opportunities and make it easier for parents, caregivers, and early learning providers to find trustworthy materials that they can use with the children in their care."

DHS to use storytelling and interactive gameplay to indoctrinate our kids into accepting VACCINE.

"Experts in subject matter and pedagogy, instructional designers, formative researchers, and other educators will work side by side and on equal footing with creative and media production experts in areas such as storytelling and interactive gameplay in order to merge their contributions into a unified and integrated effort."
It's like DHS has taken Nazi Germany's playbook and re-wrote it to indoctrinate school kids and parents. The Nazi's (DHS) only allowed teachers and professors to teach students about Nazi (DHS) ideology.

Philosopher Stephen Hicks description of how the Nazi's indoctrinated school kids should serve as a warning to everyone.

"Students were trained in Nazi ideology, studied German history from a National Socialist perspective, learned political activism, and trained themselves to develop a selfless, obedient, duty-oriented moral character. The curriculum was revised, textbooks re-written, and teachers trained as servants of the cause. Early in the Nazi reign, teachers were declared to be civil servants and required to join the National Socialist Teachers League, swearing an oath of absolute fidelity to Adolf Hitler."

Does this remind you of Common-Core or VACCINE?

This is part 2 of a four-part series.

Part 1: DHS/Police are turning public CCTV cameras into surveillance cameras.

Monday, May 23, 2016

DHS/Police are turning public CCTV cameras into surveillance cameras, Part 1

Thanks to Purdue University and Homeland Security, police can now access public CCTV cameras anywhere.

Purdue researchers have developed a prototype system called 'Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments' (VACCINE) which allows law enforcement to tap into thousands of CCTV cameras. This means police can spy on you in parking garages, college campuses, national parks, highways etc., no place is safe from Big Brother.

VACCINE allows police to spy on millions of images of citizens daily.

VACCINE was established in 2009 and by they're own admission, VACCINE is about 'power'.

"Knowledge is power…but for homeland security and public safety personnel swimming in a vast sea of text, audio, and visual data, that knowledge is often heavily obscured."

In other words, spying on everyone indiscriminately is 'power'.
Cops secretly used VACCINE on commuters.

According to a VACCINE Sept., 2014 newsletter, the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority secretly tested VACCINE's eBOLO (“be on the lookout” system) on an unsuspecting public.

By secret, I mean biometric images were taken of commuters without their knowledge and compared to police BOLO's. Fyi, there was no mention of eBOLO being used to spy on commuters in the media or on Cleveland's transit website.

Last month, I warned everyone that DHS/police have installed surveillance cameras with microphones on the NJ Transit.

The video and audio captured … is utilized by the New Jersey Transit Police Department and is an indispensable investigatory tool for them,” said NJ Transit spokesman Jim Smith.

Privacy advocates in the state called it a "monumental invasion of privacy."

Transit police are also using 'NICE Systems' which uses pictures, videos, social media, license plate readers etc., to identify commuters.

"Nice Systems integrates data from CAD, RMS systems, body camera video, physical evidence like photos and documents, public and private CCTV video, in-car video, interview recordings, citizen tips, 911 audio recordings, gunshot detection systems, automated license plate readers (ALPRs), social media and more."

Police are spying on commuters billions of times a year.

According to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Americans took 10.8 billion trips on public transportation in 2014...

In 2014, people took a record 10.8 billion trips on public transportation -- the highest annual ridership number in 58 years,” said Phillip Washington, APTA Chair and CEO & General Manager of the Regional Transportation District in Denver."

What they're really saying is, police are spying on commuters billions of times a year.
Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. The DEA has installed surveillance cameras along our highways, with the sole purpose of spying on everyone.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) initiated a massive national license plate reader program a few years ago according to the ACLU.

The DEA has gathered as many as 343 million records in the National License Plate Recognition program, which connects DEA license plate readers with those of other law enforcement agencies around the country.

The program uses cameras installed along major highways to capture the time, location and direction of every vehicle. The cameras can identify drivers and passengers.

“With its jurisdiction and its finances, the federal government is uniquely positioned to create a centralized repository of all drivers’ movements across the country — and the DEA seems to be moving toward doing just that.”

Everywhere you turn, police are installing surveillance cameras with microphones to spy on everyone and using that tired old cliché 'it's for public safety'.

This is part one of a four-part series.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Playing with water guns is now deemed 'suspicious activity' by police

image credit: SF Gate

DHS must be throwing office parties nationwide, as Americans call police to report kids playing the "Assassin" water gun game.

NH police, said the game poses a threat to public safety and has resulted in a rise in suspicious person calls. Neighbors are calling police to report suspicious kids playing with water guns.

DHS's "See Something Say Something" program is out of control, it's created a nation of spies.

"Police departments nationwide have seen the consequences of teenagers sneaking around with water guns..." East Kingston Chief Timothy J. Connell said.

DHS must be thrilled, as schools encourage students to snitch on anyone caught playing "Assassins."

"Hunter College High School is warning seniors it could ban them from prom or graduation — or even snitch to college admission officers — if they're caught playing a popular toy-gun game in or near the school building."

"You should be aware that any students found playing the game within the school or in the immediate vicinity of the building will receive disciplinary consequences" Hunter College High School Principal Tony Fisher said.

In 2015 the dangerous "Assassins" game lasted for two weeks in San Francisco, where anyone could be a target!

The SF Gate reported, the only "safe zones" for participants are the city block in which they work, all public transit, hospitals and government buildings and inside bars (but not restaurants). So if you're walking down the street and someone charges by with a super soaker, you know why.

WikiHow describes how to play "Assassin" using Super Soakers, socks, water balloons etc.

"Commonly used weapons are sharpies, spoons, nerf and water guns, toy swords, cardboard tubes, water balloons, socks, etc."

image credit: WikiHow

Let that sink in, people across the country are calling police to report kids with water balloons, super soakers etc. 

Two more examples of  recent police overreaction...

School officials suspend a kindergartener for bringing a plastic bubble gun to school.

image credit: ABC7 NY
"They said it was a fake weapon, and that I needed to come get her," said the girl's mother, who didn't want to be identified. "I appreciate that they're trying to keep our kids safe, I really do. But there needs to be some common sense."

Mom accused of 'suspicious activity' in her driveway after going inside her home to retrieve snacks for family trip to the zoo.

Ginger Borshov says in the video that she was preparing to take her children to the zoo when Page arrived. The officer described the open door and the children in the minivan as "suspicious activity."

"I'm not telling you you're in trouble or facing a crime," he said. "I'm just telling you it appeared suspicious and I'm checking on it."

Borshov says in the video that she believes Page was trying to "invoke fear" to provide justification for checking if the children were safe.

"You can ask me if you can help," she told the officer. "You may not ask me to explain myself."

Please America, stop living in fear! That kid with a water balloon isn't a SUSPICIOUS PERSON!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Police ask motorists to “volunteer” to submit to drug tests

Just when you think you've seen it all, police state America invents a new way to destroy our rights.

Two years have passed since, police were forced to stop using 'voluntary' DNA checkpoints across the country.

"Five years ago it would have been a different story, says Mo., Sheriff Tom Neer, who authorized deputies to participate in a checkpoint in his St. Louis suburb and saw a public backlash. There're just such strong anti-government feelings among people. Under the circumstances, I would not allow them to do it again. It's just because of the perception."

'Voluntary' what a joke. Ask yourself, how many motorists surrounded by armed cops, voluntarily submitted their DNA?

Police use their authority to ask motorists to 'volunteer' to be drug tested.

Since January of this year, the Colorado State Police has been pilot-testing drug saliva kits for private corporations!

Colorado troopers have been using five different untested drug saliva test kits on suspected drugged drivers. There are currently only a handful of manufacturers making saliva test kits and the state police are pilot-testing them all on motorists.

"At least one of these devices is in every single (field office) across Colorado," Major Steve Garcia said.

According to CBS Denver, state troopers have been field testing drug saliva kits on 'volunteer' motorists accused of drugged driving.

"There are five different devices are being used by CSP. Each company has different criteria being used on their tests, according to CSP. One-hundred-twenty-five troopers have been trained on the devices and are using them when a DUID suspect volunteers, according to Maj. Steve Garcia."

“The results will be used in discovery but the decision to arrest or charge was not influenced in any way based upon these devices,” Garcia said.

In other words the prosecutor will present unverified drug results to a judge, but trust them police won't use that info. to recommend sentencing.

What a load of crap.

The facts are, drunk driving is decreasing and the alleged drugged driving epidemic is a lie.

Last year, during a congressional hearing on the threat posed by stoned drivers, a representative of the NHTSA was asked how many crash fatalities are caused by marijuana each year. "That's difficult to say, replied Jeff Michael, NHTSA's associate administrator for research and program development. We don't have a precise estimate. The most he was willing to affirm was that the number is probably not zero."

For more my article "DHS/NHTSA studies claim drunk driving is decreasing, allege drugged driving is increasing."

Five reasons to be skeptical of pot breathalyzers and saliva tests.

1.) The pot breathalyzer was invented by a cop.

DHS/Police stand to profit from pot breathalyzers.

The Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer System has signed a collaboration agreement with Field Forensics Inc. (FFI) to develop a roadside test kit for use with its Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer.

2.) Pot breathalyzers don't even have to be accurate.

“I think the first breathalyzer on the market will be a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the presence of THC at the time of the test,” Lifeloc chief executive Barry Knot said. “In that sense it won’t provide a quantitative evidential measure.”

“To date, no such data exist correlating THC/breath detection levels with behavioral impairment,” said Paul Armentano, deputy director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “In fact, no scientific study that I am aware of has even attempted to correlate the detection of THC in breath with actual behavioral or psychomotor impairment of any kind.”

Washington and Montana have set a limit of 5 nanograms/milliliter (ng/mL). Pennsylvania has a 1 ng/mL limit. Other states prohibit drivers from having any amount of cannabis in their system at all.

These limits are more political than based on science, experts say.

3.) NHTSA tells police to keep the results of 'field tests' a secret

Last year, I warned everyone that the NHTSA and police want to keep inaccurate drug test kits a secret.

 "...Techniques that perform well in the laboratory may falter when brought into the "real world" of law enforcement. The research will evaluate how law enforcement officers can use these screening devices as supporting evidence in the detection of drugs in the driving population."

"The Research Analyst will have confidential information about the participant to which they would not normally have access. Your protection of all information about participants gained during the conduct of research is, therefore, essential. We have promised participants that we will not reveal the results of their tests (unless they provide their consent). Participants' data will be combined with those of others in the data collection and the results will be reported as group percentages and totals in such a way that no participants name could be associated with any results."

4.) Police use a 1970's eye drug chart invented by cops to arrest motorists.

Police claim to know what kind of drugs a person has used, based on observing a supects pupil dilations.

'Drug Recognition Experts' got its start by fellow cops looking for a way to increase state revenue.

"Two LAPD sergeants collaborated with various medical doctors, research psychologists, and other medical professionals to develop a simple, standardized procedure for recognizing drug influence and impairment. Their efforts culminated in the development of a multi-step protocol and the first DRE Program." 

5.) Police collect marijuana-related arrest info. for corporations, so they can buy more drug test kits.

"The Colorado State Patrol started measuring marijuana-related traffic citations in 2014, said Sgt. Rob Madden, a spokesman. That year will serve as the baseline for years to come."
Just how closely are corporations working with police? A search for "insurance companies donate millions to police departments" returned nearly 5 million hits.

To find out more about DHS/Police profiting from the pot business read:

Thursday, May 12, 2016

DHS admits to using scare tactics, to target photographers and activists

image credit: QuotesValley

As recent DHS bulletins prove, DHS run Fusion Centers have made job security their number one priority. Time after time we see bulletins warning Americans of possible attacks that might occur. Over the years, DHS has claimed terrorists might target shopping mallssports stadiums, Disney the list is nearly endless.

A recent Fusion Center bulletin, warns police of “self-radicalized” actor(s), and homegrown violent extremists targeting public transportation centers.

Despite, admitting they had "no specific information regarding a threat to transportation hubs in New Jersey or New York" they insist it could happen.

Can you say job security?

Using scare tactics is nothing new with DHS. Last year, I warned everyone about DHS's dubious claim that our electric grid was under attack every 4 days. Every year, DHS claims our electric grid and water system are vulnerable to some unforeseen attack.

As recently as two years ago, DHS was accused of using more scare tactics in order to secure congressional funding.

Just, when Americans appear to be tiring of the war on terror DHS invents a "new breed of terrorism."  For more info. about DHS scare tactics, read these two articles "DHS to create a new 'threat index chart' to keep Americans in fear" and "DHS uses "CAPTAIN CHAOS" and CodeRED to keep America scared."

Back, to the Fusion Center bulletin.

"The NJ ROIC currently has no specific indication of any credible specific threats to transportation facilities. However, with the rise in “self-radicalized” actor(s), and homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) influenced by ISIL and other terror groups, targeted violent attacks to any of these sectors could occur with little or no notice by an individual(s) who has not yet garnered law enforcement attention."

What they're really saying is, they want police to target activists.

Below, is an abbreviated list of "Recent Suspicious Activity" reports:

"These items are in addition or amplifying those reported in the previous Daily Threat Overviews (DTO)." Are 'DTO's' and SAR's being used to target photographers and activists?

"There are no credible threats specific to any particular transportation center or asset at this time."
After admitting for a third time, there are no threats, DHS wants police to target photographers and activists.
News flash, acting strange, conducting business in Brussels and taking pictures is not a criminal act!

Unfortunately, police harassing photographers isn't new. YouTube has over 41,000 videos of police harassing photographers and "Photography Is Not A Crime" has thousands of videos and news stories documenting police harassment.

image credit: Veterans Today

At what point, do people say enough is enough? Hopefully, Americans are finally beginning to see through DHS's never-ending war on terror.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The music on your phone can get you arrested

image credit: Uproxx 
Police, claim the music on your phone is an indicator of gang activity. (the above picture, is a parody of  "Now That's What I Call Music.")

It took seven years and a Supreme Court ruling, to acquit three men of a bogus crime linking them to a gang. Back in 2009, the Seattle police claimed, the music on a person's cell phone was an indicator of gang activity.

"Three men had their convictions for assault overturned when the Washington Supreme Court found Latin music on one of the men's cellphones was not evidence of association with a gang."

In 2009, the Seattle police relied on the evidence of a "gang expert" who claimed that one of the indicators of gang membership is the type of music a person listen's to.

What is a "gang expert'?

Police use "gang experts" to convince juries that their version of events is the truth.

"The gang investigator's years of experience, knowledge, and training in the field of gangs is of no value if he is unable to communicate this knowledge in such a way as to convince a judge or jury that this knowledge is truth."

Police use "gang experts" to get longer prison sentences.

"...Gang allegations and enhancements can multiply criminal penalties substantially. They are highly prejudicial and do great damage to the defense."

The FBI/DHS are teaching cops, that blacks and Hispanics who listen to hip-hop, rap and Latin music are probably in a gang. Click here & here to find out how prosecutors treat rappers and their lyrics as criminals.

Below, are two screenshots taken from "Criminal Street Gangs Identification and Suppression."

Police think anyone listening to hip-hop is probably in a gang.

image credit: slideshare

Police think anyone listening to heavy metal is probably in a gang.

image credit: slideshare

Law enforcement claims, that white people listening to heavy metal and punk music are probably in a gang. Read the excerpt below, taken from page 54 of the "Urban Street Gang Enforcement" report.

"Today, law enforcement is increasingly concerned about the criminal activities of several types of gangs whose members are primarily Caucasian, some of whom are distinguished by their affinity for a particular type of music (for example, punk and heavy metal)."

To recap, police believe anyone listening to Latin music, rap, hip-hop, punk or heavy metal is a criminal.

The FBI also believes that gangs use the music business to launder money.

According to the FBI's 2013 National Gang Project, "Street gangs utilize legitimate businesses, such as music establishments and cash-intensive companies to conceal and launder illicit proceeds." 

In what's become commonplace in America, police have to be forced, to stop using junk science to arrest innocent people.

“Los Tigres Del Norte has been one of the more prominent bands in Latin music for decades,” Owens wrote. “Since forming in 1968, Los Tigres Del Norte have sold 32 million albums. They have won five Latin Grammy Awards, and they have performed in front of U.S. troops serving abroad. There is no support in the record for the contention that enjoying their music is evidence of gang involvement.

Washington state's Supreme Court is worried police are arresting people based on their musical preferences.

“While this may not be the primary issue in this case, we felt that it was nonetheless important to take this opportunity to remind courts to exercise far more caution when drawing conclusions from a defendant’s musical preferences.”

Sadly, police across the country are allowed to use a person's musical preferences to convince judges and juries of a suspects' gangland affiliations.

image credit: Whisper sh

Thursday, May 5, 2016

'Secret' ministers, teachers and social workers are spying on us

image credit: tommygioelisvoice

Police State America is using 'secret' ministers, teachers and social workers to spy on us!

According to a article, the FBI/DHS are enlisting clergy, social workers and mental health professionals to counsel (spy on) troubled people who voice support for terrorism. They're calling it "Shared Responsibility Committees" (SRC), it should be called "Spying Irresponsibly on Communities"or (SIC) pun intended.

The FBI and DHS have led forums in NJ promoting the SRC and even launched a social media campaign warning about terror groups like ISIS, environmental extremists and sovereign-citizen movements. In other words, they're attempting to vilify anyone speaking out against the government.

Police are 'secretly' using priests, social workers and doctors to spy on us.

SRC members, must sign confidentiality agreements, and can't consult outside experts on treatment plans. Police are also using "secret non-disclosure agreements" to spy on our cell phones and now this?  Clergy and doctors signing 'secret' agreements to spy on us, is this some sort of sick joke?

Unfortunately, its not. Law enforcement is also allowed to pose as clergy, social workers etc.

"The church and faith community are now being faced with the reality that the government is sending IRS agents pretending to be members of the clergy into Christian meetings, gatherings and services for the distinct purpose of the government "spying" on them said Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition.

Regrettably, churches spying on members is nothing new, last year I warned everyone that "Churches were paying the gov't up to $100 a month to spy on families."  

The gov't hopes the money churches donate to spy on parishioners, will be used to support a regional (spying) supervisor.

"The service is free for the state and instead relies on donations from enrolled churches. The suggested monthly rate of $100 would eventually support a regional supervisor to mediate between churches and the department."

And if they doesn't turn your stomach, churches have begun using facial recognition to spy on their members.

“I can tell you in general that churches also don’t like to be described as privacy invaders,” said Churchix CEO Moshe Greenshpan.

He went on to say... “Most of them would like to keep this confidential. We try to encourage churches to make Churchix more visible, so it will become like a checkpoint for registration..."

Church checkpoints? Is this the future of America?

Police want our family and friends to spy on us.

"At each [SRC] event, officials urged people to call police or a friend, family member or community leader if they notice suspicious behavior, while acknowledging people’s wariness about calling police if it meant a troubled family member might be jailed instead of helped psychiatrically. The option of intervention, rather than arrest, was meant to ease those worries, but the FBI official cautioned that it’s an option only in less serious situations."

Schools and community leaders are spying on us.

image credit: Countercurrentnews 

"The teams would get cases from local police or community leaders, who may get their tips from family, friends or school staff. The teams would advise the FBI about whether a person who has been subject to their intervention is rehabilitated or if they believe law enforcement needs to take action."

The FBI has instructed high schools across the nation to report students who criticize government policies and have "twisted beliefs, values or ideologies".

Police want people to report on "SOMETHING" that doesn't seem quite right!

"Maybe you have noticed something that doesn’t seem quite right or you are worried or scared about what this person is saying or doing."

This is beyond ABSURD, now police want Americans to report on "something that doesn't seem quite right" and report on what people are saying? Does law enforcement think the Bill of Rights is a worthless scrap of paper?

The FBI report also instructs students to watch out for anyone expressing “government mistrust.” and to consider reporting it to “someone you trust,” like police officers and FBI agents.

DHS/Police are also using "Community Engagement Roundtables" (CER) to spy on everyone. Click here to read how CER's have become law enforcement's latest propaganda tool.

Why do Americans continuously allow our government to adopt UK police state tactics?

In the UK a similar program, began as a voluntary arrangement between community organizations, high schools, and law enforcement. But it has since become compulsory for all public sector agencies, said Arun Kundnani a lecturer on terrorism studies.

Below are a few example of what happens to freedom when clergy, doctors etc., spy on citizens.

Nazi Germany had a close relationship with the Catholic church. Click here & here to read more. The Russian NKVD, KGB and the East German Stasi all used doctors, teachers, basically everyone to spy on citizens.

Last year, I warned everyone that Churches were conducting "Holy Ghost pat-downs" and mass shooter drills.

Police State America has now invaded churches and places of worship.

On a FEMA webinar last year on protecting houses of worship, the chief security executive at The Potter’s House, the Rev. TD Jakes’ megachurch in Dallas, gave tips about behavior that should raise concern, such as a congregant arriving in a long coat in hot weather. If needed, church greeters could give a hug and feel for weapons, said the executive, Sean Smith.

“I call it the Holy Ghost pat-down,” Smith said.

We're traveling down a dark road, when doctors, teachers, and clergy are 'secretly' encouraged to spy on Americans.

image credit: Studentnewsdaily