Friday, October 21, 2011

Privato Spy is an online software program designed to gather information about a cell phone, but is it legal?

Excerpt taken from the Privato Spy FAQ section:

How Does it Work ?
It works as a background process and sends each Event Data by the SMS message centre to our Main Servers which store the Information in the Live Console, Logs that can later on be accessed by you.

SMS Privato Spy software is easy as 1, 2, 3 :

1. You buy a paysafecard ™ Voucher equal to the package price that you choose.
2. You register and pay for the package. We process your payment and provide a unique Username & Password.
Make sure the email address is spelled correctly because that's where you will receive the Login Username & Password.
3. Using the unique Username & Password, you log in to Live Console and Provide the Target Phone Number.
Enjoy spying !

What is the Spoofed SMS Message ?
This is the key factor in the beggining of the spy process.
The Spoofed SMS Message is a plain text message which contains a fake text that hides our software source code.
We use it to encourage the Target to open it, so the connection can be established.
This can be customised into any Text that you may think is more attractive to the Target.
The number on the arriving SMS Message can also be spoofed ( from a friend or relative ), however we suggest the best would be from the GSM Provider. By default we have provided various text templates to choose from.

Is SMS Privato Spy legal ?
It is completely legal as long as you are the owner of the mobile phone or have authorization to install SMS Privato Spy on it. SMS Privato Spy may not be held responsible in legal court for any actions taken by the user, after using the software. The user assumes resposibility for the information he gains access to.

Will other people know that SMS Privato Spy is installed or running on the mobile phones ?
No, there is no icon or symbol that shows the status of SMS Privato Spy on the screen of the mobile phone. The software silently makes a connection and regularly sends data packages. In a few words, it is completely undectable.


Anonymous said...

I have sent them the money through paysafe card. They replied to me that they have received the money and they will send me the user name and password within 24 hours. Until this moment I haven't received anything from them. They don't even reply to my emails.
I fell into their trap and I will try to find a way to take them to court.

D. Wayne Patterson said...

You may be relieved to know that the remote spy program does not work but instead is simply a scam perpetrated by two young men in their early 20's.

It is still impossible to install such a program on a phone remotely.